At louisreed we are a growing community of inspirational ‘leaders in our own lives’ that share a vision of changing the world by living the truth of who we are.

Welcome, Dear Wild One

I’m honoured that you are here. I am an Author, Teacher and creator of Art of Alchemy. A journey back to wholeness allowing a deeper connection to who you are and who you are becoming.

Many years ago I made an unconscious choice to separate from my feminine and live through my masculine. I experienced a significant emotional event that created a story being feminine was unsafe and being masculine was to be powerful and successful. That story informed my actions for many years, eventually leading me to a life threatening illness. I had become a shell of myself.

I left so much of myself on the side of the road as I walked along the highway of life

Parts that I had denied as they stopped me from fitting in and parts of me that I simply did not explore. I quiet often get asked, “How do I find my passion and purpose in life?” Our deepest wound is the source of our personal power and once we excavate and transform it, it becomes our gift that we place on the alter of humanity. A gift that we share with the world. During my journey back to wholeness I walked my Sheros journey, become conscious about the stories that were running my life, and through our intuitive painting process I called back the lost aspects of myself and the unexplored aspects of self, reclaimed my Divine Feminine and found my way back to wholeness both in work and play.

Sacred Art Of Alchemy  is a process were neuroscience meets art

Our canvas becomes a sacred container for our journey of self discovery as we align our right and left brain with the wisdom of our heart and through colour, word, image and symbol we transform our lives into legends. Are you ready to discover the healing power of your darkness? Are you aching to unleash your authentic beauty, power and creative force? Then it is time to explore the sacred space that is held within each one of us, a space where your unknown patiently and quietly awaits. A space where new growth, healing and authentic expression can manifest. How do you begin this epic journey?

Join us on a Vision Quest, a journey back to wholeness