At louisreed we are a growing community of inspirational ‘leaders in our own lives’ that share a vision of changing the world by living the truth of who we are.

Lou is an author, teacher, coach and creator of Call of Your Wild Woman. As we awaken our Wild Woman, we begin to live a more authentic and empowering life – living with passion and purpose, acting from integrity and manifesting our core desires.

It’s time to free your Wild Woman!

She is bold, raw and real. She wants to howl at the moon, she aches to immerse herself in her creative energy, she wants to find her own voice, she wants to sing, play, dance and express herself. She longs to feel her sexuality, her fire and her passion. She wants to shake off the heaviness of those rigid roles of caretaker, people pleaser and rescuer and all those she carries.

The awakening of the new age movement of the Divine Feminine is upon us. We are simply not going to get away with not standing in our truth any longer. The time is now. And the time has come for all women everywhere to stand tall together as one. The birthing of our wild spirit is here it is time to embrace her and give her permission to take her place in the world because humanity needs her strength, power and healing.

Call of Your Wild Woman

The Ancient Ones taught us that through the “Web of Life” – All life is sacred. We are forever intimately in relationship with all things, living in a ‘field’ of enormous possibility – a quantum universe, where our past, present and future are constantly weaving together. Ancient Ways and New Science speaking with one voice.

We have the courage within us to strip back the illusions and layers of our shadow self and reclaim the Power of our Wild Woman. We can become great pioneers of the new age, freedom fighters and spiritual warriors. And send out into the world a ripple effect of profound healing that transcends time and space energetically impacting on all women everywhere from the past, present and the future.

Join us on a vision quest, explore your Wild Woman Archetype through intentional creativity. A step-by-step visionary art and storytelling process for women who are looking to explore, embody, express and expand their creative genius so they can experience a new way of being and belonging in the world.