At louisreed we are a growing community of inspirational ‘leaders in our own lives’ that share a vision of changing the world by living the truth of who we are.

Welcome, Dear Wild One

I’m honoured that you are here. I am a Alchemist, Author, Teacher and Creator of The Sacred Art of Alchemy. A journey back to wholeness allowing a deeper connection to who you are and who you are becoming. A journey about fearless belonging to yourself, to one another and to the universe.

I believe that story lives within us in image inside of our memory.

So when we experience trauma or beauty, that story “lives” in our subconscious and can be replayed by us – by choice, and also not by choice. Our stories hold the energy of the experience which can drain our life force or energies us.

Sacred Art of Alchemy changes the way story lives inside us,

How they are stored and how we relate to them.When we create with intention, we activate both sides of the brain. When we activate our brain, we gain greater access to our own information, how to articulate it and how to move it from its stuck places. Giving voice to our unspeakable stories and releasing the trapped life force energy from our physical memory, our spirit memory and our creation memory frees us to step into the wholeness of who we are experiencing oneness with all that is.