At louisreed we are a growing community of inspirational ‘leaders in our own lives’ that share a vision of changing the world by living the truth of who we are.

Welcome, Dear Wild One

I’m honoured that you are here.

Are you ready to discover the healing power of your darkness. Are you aching to unleash your authentic beauty, power and creative force.

Then it is time to explore the sacred space that is held within each one of us, a space where your unknown patiently and quietly awaits. A space where new growth, healing and authentic expression can manifest.

How do you begin this epic journey?  You start by inviting every cell of your being to awaken.

Whatever havoc you’ve accumulated, well use it and transform it.

This is your time and there is much to be done. The time to take giant risks for the evolution of Self is now.

As Carl Yung said “In the world of the soul, I have seldom seen anyone take a risk for growth that was not rewarded a thousand times over, for to explore, embody and express your Wild Woman you unleash the truth of who you are.

So come run playfully and wildly with your pack. Experience the phenomenal energy of running and moving within a dynamic tribe while uncovering the truth of who you are through the lens of the Wild Woman Archetype.

Be elevated and transformed beyond what you ever thought possible!