The Art of Manifesting

Calling all women who want to live their truth and awaken their power

Calling all women who long for connection and celebration…
Calling all women who ache to be creative, who long for self-expression and want to be free…
Calling all women who want to share their gift with the world.

Awaken your Wild Creative Spirit through Intentional Creativity

Our canvas becomes a sacred container for our journey of self discovery as we align our right and left brain with the wisdom of our heart and through colour, word, image and symbol we transform our lives into legends. Are you ready to discover the healing power of your darkness? Are you aching to unleash your authentic beauty, power and creative force? Then it is time to explore the sacred space that is held within each one of us, a space where your unknown patiently and quietly awaits. A space where new growth, healing and authentic expression can manifest. How do you begin this epic journey? NO PAINTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

A process designed for beginners with a desire to paint from their soul
Interested in Art Alchemy I would love to hear from you
We cannot go back and start a new beginning, but we can start today and make a new ending.” – LOU REED

Our Art of Manifesting MasterClass is a year long adventure dedicated to the divinity that lives within each of us. We paint our way around the Alchemical Compass exploring each of the four direction and five elements and how they relate to our own lives. This step-by-step Intentional Creativity process is for women who are interested in sacred work based in soul directed creativity and consciousness.

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Interested in Art Alchemy I would love to hear from you
“Our journey to-date has been one of experiencing both light & shadow. We can now choose who we want to be, and be it,” – LOU REED

Our Art of Manifesting Circle honours the wisdom of Soul through the ‘approach’ of allowing. I am dedicated to living my art, and serving others. I believe everyone is born with a unique blueprint of brilliance, and when provided a supportive, non-judgemental SPACE, our creativity naturally emerges. I guide you through a process of remembering of deep listening to your Wild Creative Spirit.

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Interested in Art Alchemy I would love to hear from you
“Our journey as Wild Women is infinite, the more you are, the more you become, the more you become, the more you can be.” – LOU REED

In our Art of Manifesting One-on-One sessions, you will experience a spirit-filled path of painting, poetry & sculpting, of expressing outside the lines, and accessing deep wisdom. We work with  paint as a portal to our soul. How we move through the painting process IS the process. Staying present to our experience is our practice, as we allow our muse to tell our story in ways we could not hear before.

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