You want answers, I know you do. We all do. Life can be so damn hard, day after relentless day. You want to have it all laid bare before you, so it feels safe. So it makes sense. You want every crossroads mapped and every heart thesis written.


Accept yourself, know you are worthy, and damn it, use the good stuff! We are bombarded today, we are lemmings of conformity, we blindly do, say, look like and consume other people’s lives en masse — social media is killing us, killing individuality. I get that social media has its place, but we have lost ourselves in it.


Some of us are called to live lives of creativity and unconventionality (you know who you are). I sometimes wonder if all, not just some of us, are meant to live such lives (which would mean, in an ideal world, there would be no such thing as conventionality), but most people ignore the call and instead live muted, dulled versions of what their lives could have been for the sake of convenience, comfort, stability and/or money.


It is your responsibility to recognize your own song; to hear your calling, and answer. A fulfilling life is a soul-led life. If you want to flourish, then you must surrender to Destiny. You must let yourself be forged. Your true self is Divine, and when it is embodied, miracles will be found. Creation did not birth you to pay your bills and die.